NEW! Producing Better Prints Video Course

Presented by Sean Bagshaw and Zack Schnepf

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Printing can be challenging, confusing, and intimidating and good printing information can be hard to find. In this course, with simple language and clear examples, we share the most important elements of printing without getting bogged down in overly technical details.

This course is for anyone who would like to learn techniques for producing better prints. Zack and Sean have 30 years of combined printing experience. Our goal is to show what is fundamental and essential in our work and help photographers make prints that match their vision more consistently. The printing techniques are the ones we use ourselves. We have worked hard to break down the steps, give clear examples and cover the most important aspects of printing.

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Oregon My Oregon Hard Cover Book (Pre-Order)

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Photographing Through the Seasons eBook (NEW)

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Photoshop Tonality Control 2.0 Video

Featuring the TKAction V4 Panel
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Video Resolution: HD 1920x1080

Tonality Control 2.0 is a comprehensive workflow video. I will guide you through my most current multiple exposure workflow; I work on the same image throughout the entire video, except for a short example at the end. I will illustrate how I use the powerful tools and techniques available in Photoshop along with the TKActions V4 Panel to control tonality throughout my entire processing workflow. These techniques are quite advanced, and can be challenging, but they yield incredible results that are not possible with HDR software. I'll demonstrate how I take 3 raw files from pre-visualization to fully realized master file.

Techniques covered: Raw preparation in Lightroom, multiple exposure blending, advanced masking, luminosity selections, refined selections, advanced selection building, color range selections, tonality adjustment layers, color adjustment layers, color cloning, sharpening for print, web preparation and more. You can view and download the table of contents here: Table of Contents

Includes: 25 chapters, covering 4 hours of instruction.
I've also included the raw files used for the project image you see below. This way you can follow along with the same files I'm using in the video. These files are for practice only, they may not be reproduced or sold in any form.

The TKActions V4 Panel is a custom panel that works in Photoshop CS6 and CC 2017/2018. This video relies on it heavily, it is not required, but highly recommended. The TKActions V4 Panel displays like other panels in Photoshop and makes it easy to play many different actions with the click of a button. While originally developed to simplify working with luminosity masks, it's continued to expand with additional features and functions. This video does not come with the panel, but again, I highly recommend it. It is an integral part of my workflow now. You can learn more and purchase the panel on Tony's site here:Tony Kuyper's Site

Recommended: This video is not intended for Photoshop beginners. You will need to be familiar with the basic tools in Photoshop as well as masks, adjustment layers and basic selections. All of the processing is done within Photoshop and Lightroom as well as the TKActions V4 Panel within Photoshop. This video is not compatible with Photoshop Elements.

iPad Viewing Instructions: Using a tablet to watch the videos while you follow along is a great way to use the videos. Unfortunately, Apple makes it dificult to transfer video files onto their mobile devices. I made a short tutorial video using the VLC app in iTunes to transfer and play my instructional videos on iPad. You can see the tutorial here: iPad Tutorial

Video tutorial files are delivered via secure web download. These are large files, it may take several minutes to download, or it may take a few hours depending on your broadband connection and server traffic. It comes in 2 parts: part 1 is just under 1 gigabyte, part 2 is also just under 1 gigabyte.

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You can see the intro here on Youtube: Tonality Control 2.0 Intro Video.
You can also see an excerpt from the video on Youtube here: Tonality Control 2.0 Excerpt.

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